Product Customization for People & Business

Interactive Design Tools

for your Customer Interaction
to communicate with your customers


Custom-made Manufacturing
to make what your customers want

Coshape delivers you always the relevant data

from your customer end-point

...all the way to...

your marketing + sales team, product + engineering teams, your workbench, machines,...

Spark excitement with customizer and offer a more human touch.

Enable your customers. Guide, inform, and help them to succeed.

Be user-centric and remove friction in the user interaction experiences.

Know how to produce better and get data ready for manufacturing.

Understand customer signals and become responsive.

Integrate customization with your existing processes, systems + business.

"Coshape Customizer don't just look pretty, they are

Made for Manufacturing"

Visual Product Configuration for Manufacturing

Unique Product Configuration Experiences

Become the manufacturer who makes every customers wish come true.

Custom-made and engineer-to-order are tedious processes of endless back-and-forth, communication, detailing specifications, defining requirements, re-iterating product-design, manufacture-ability and engineering, quoting, cost projections and calculations,

Now you can include your customers in the process without all the hassle.

Visual interaction with your products, communication with potential customers, real-time feedback to handle the better part of all orders so you can focus on the outlier and charge a premium accordingly.

Make experience of visual product configuration your own, right there in your webbrowser, webshop, app…
And integrate them with ease in your existing business processes and software.

Your customers rely on your expertise in educating and guiding them through their decision-making process.

Most of the customers don’t know what they actually want or need. They use the internet to research and compare, especially when it comes to purchasing higher priced goods and custom-made products.

Inspire + guide your customers so they can make something individual, something custom-made just for them.

Something they actually want, stuff they really need!
With all the bells and whistles they care for, all the features they long for. Help them tell their story, let them include a piece of their personalities into your products and make them succeed in a grand way.

Respond to their individual inquires and help them with the requirements definition they would otherwise have a hard time to do themselves and your sales team as well.

Collaborative Product Design

100% custom-made every time, without the tedious process






...give you a process without being forced into constraints and standardization.

...provide you with a common language to guide your communication along what your customers want and what you will make for them.

...output the product definition as text, drawing, CAD for quoting, order processing, engineering and manufacturing etc.






Businesses that embrace personalization have an opportunity to create a differentiated proposition that may command a price premium, and improve consumer traffic and conversion. Personalization could also help improve efficiency and reduce costs, and offer a path to sustainable growth.


Coshape Customizer

For Your Business

for B2C + B2B alike


of consumers are much more likely to buy from companies who allow them to shape their products or services.



of buying decisions are based on how well the customers feel they are understood.



of B2B customers say the buying experience is a more important decision factor than price.



of B2B buyers will only consider doing business with brands that understand and care about each customer’s needs.


Advanced digital fabrication user experience from your customers’ minds directly to the shop-floor and manufacturing machines.
With Coshape Customizer Technology integrated in your already existing sales, marketing and engineering processes.


Product customization provides a gateway to richer customer insights. Those who design customized products online or in stores are prompted to submit more information than they would for a typical purchase. Once your costumers invested time into personalizing they are more likely to buy.


insights into your customers


for product design, sales & marketing.

manufacturing optimized data of your customers’


for your production, design & engineering.


Customization plays a role in your pivotal goals like reducing time to production, improving pricing structure, and mining customer data around trends and buying behavior, in order to speed up your entire supply chain.


Engage + Hook

Engage your customers.Inspire, spark their curiosity, and hook your customers with an easy design process.Learn, offer, and deliver what they truly need.

Visual Interaction

Include your customer in the product design.Customizer provide the right degree of freedom without the standardization constraints of configurators.Right where your customers are: Web-browser, App,...

Coshape Evolution
Coshape Optimized Manufacturing

Manufacturing Ready

Custom-made and engineer-to-order without the hassle.CAD Automation and production optimization.Generate designs, digital content, 3D/2D models, CAD... for quotes, engineering, BOM, AR, VR...

It’s time to get your customers included directly into your production process
and get engineer-to-order 100% right, every time and fast.

Custom-made without the hassle...

... and the Power of Engineer-to-Order without Constraints.

Take The Next Step

3D / 2D Customizer for Product Design, Configuring, Pricing, Quoting...

For Highly Customized Products

... like Metal,

Coshape Sheet-Metal

Special solutions for the fabrication of sheet metal.

... Furniture,

Coshape Furniture

Solutions for an automated custom-made furniture industry.

... Windows, and more.

Coshape Fenestration

Architectural, specialty and replacement windows and doors.

For Applications such as...

From Craftspeople to Laser-cutting &
Additive Manufacturing,
CAD/CAM Automation,...

Digital & Smart Fabrication

Optimize Manufacturing

e.g. Games, Facebook & Social Selling,
Augmented Reality (AR) / Virtual Reality (VR),
Automated 3D/2D designs,...

Digital Content Creation (DCC)

Create and Customize

e.g. Custom-made & Engineer-to-order,
Instant Quotation,...

Configure Price Quoting (CPQ)

Complex Products

Your Customers Journey to get the products they really want is like the making of a superhero.
Everyone wants their customers to do great stuff, to have great results, to feel like superheros.

But can real people, normal people be heroes?
With Coshape Customizer you can enable them, empower them to tell you how the products of their dream look like.
Make products they really want and need. Give them custom-made without the hassle. Make them superheros!

Start offering customization services in retail stores and online

Offer configuration services
Let your customers choose features (like configuration of options) and add-ons (like up-selling accessories) and personalization (like monogramming).

Offer true customization and creation
Expand beyond configuration and let your customers design and create with true made-to-order.

Take the next step

Make Custom-made for Everybody Involved Easier

Customizer provide the right degree of freedom to capture your customers individual wants and needs.

Customizer do the tedious work for you and your customers: Enjoy an ergonomic UI based on your production + business processes.

Coshape technology makes it easy and fast for you to provide:

... your products for co-design and co-creation,
from existing variations or even from scratch.

... your products customizable,
from start to finish or with millions of design combinations.

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Startup & Maker

one self-made Customizer limited commercial use

starting at

US$ 490/m *

Business Pro

first Customizer developed for you for your commercial use.*access and generous usage to production-data infrastructure included.***simple integration with your production and business processes.*optimal for usage in your website, or webshop.


first Customizer developed for you for your commercial use.**access and generous usage to production-data infrastructure included.***complex integration with your production and business processes.**optimal for usage in your website, webshop, app,...

* + an additional one-time set-up fee starting at US$ 10,000.
An additional one-time fee starting at US$ 10,000 will become due for initial set-up and integration.

** + an additional one-time set-up fee starting at US$ 30,000.
An additional one-time fee starting at US$ 10,000 will become due for initial set-up and integration.

Minimum contract term is 12 months. Prices are in USD, when joining our early adopter program, and subject to change.

Visual Interaction

Provide your users with visual interaction of physical objects.

Custom Designing for Manufacturing

Create and Customize

Coshape customizer let your users
modify digital representations of physical components.
You can now offer input of custom requirements into object design such as jewelry, furniture, appliances, etc. ready for manufacturing.

Coshape Customizer create the data for manufacturing,
including outputs for print, machining, or other manufacturing operations.

Coshape Customizer improve design communications effectiveness
you control the quality of the design that your users (professionals and consumer) can interact with.ease of design and manufacturing communication increase your productivity
Coshape Manufacturing Platform provides the infrastructure to prepare the design and user-interaction input data and manipulate according to create actionable data for manufacturing

you set the degrees of interaction freedom. According to your manufacturing rules, and business logic, and quality specifications.

Digital Content Creation (DCC)

Create and Customize

With Coshape Customizer you create individual content for VR, AR, computer animations, advertising, technical manuals,... and easily customize it.

Engage your users in digital content creation. Let them create their individual objects to use in your VR, AR

Configure Price Quoting (CPQ)

Create and Customize